Aux Sable's vision is to become a market leader in the midstream gas processing and NGL industry within selected regions of North America where Aux Sable can profitably develop and expand competitive advantages.

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1. Know the organization and the job
Learn all you can about the organization and the position you're interviewing for. Knowing this information shows you're motivated and interested in the company. The following suggestions will help you get started:

  • Study the organization's website. Check out the latest annual report, recent news releases, the vision statement and goals.
  • Be sure you know what the position requires:
    • Review the job posting.
    • Ask the human resources department for a job description.
    • Find out more about the job from an employee in the company.
    • Talk to someone in your network who does similar work.

2. Know your accomplishments
Interviewers want to know about your track record for achieving results—they often use your past performance to predict your future success. Keep this in mind during your interview and take opportunities to demonstrate your accomplishments.

Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Review your accomplishments. Which are related to the requirements of this position?
  • Write down questions the interviewer might ask. Put yourself in the interviewer's shoes and think about what you would want to know about a potential candidate.


The interviewer wants to know how your skills, knowledge and experience match the needs of the position—and also how well you communicate. Practicing what you're going to say and how you're going to say it will help you communicate clearly and confidently.

It's best not to memorize questions and answers. Instead, develop key points that you want the interviewer to know about you, based on your preparation. You can practice using these key points to respond to a variety of questions.

It's also important for you to ask relevant questions during the interview. Make a list of three things you want to know about the position or the organization and practice asking questions about them. Make sure you shouldn't be expected to know the answers to these questions from your research.



 How you present yourself in the interview—your appearance, your attitude, your body language—is vitally important. You don't get a second chance to create a first impression! These suggestions will help you show your enthusiasm and motivation in the interview:

  • Smile and extend your hand to shake hands with the interviewer when you meet.
  • Wear professional attire. Ensure your outfit reflects the professionalism of the role you are interviewing for.
  • Make eye contact—interviewers will expect you to look them in the eye with confidence.
  • Listen closely to the questions so you can answer them accurately.
  • Be direct. Don't ramble or go off topic.
  • Take time to think before you respond.